Spirits (18+)_Drops NTABL Fall Opener with Forfeit

(September 16, 2018 – Plano, TX) The Spirits (18+) Trinity Division squad got off to a rough start on Sunday afternoon after the squad failed to field a team in its scheduled game versus the Dallas Dodgers. The team has undergone several changes in staff and players and currently players, Teddy Croft and Duane Aponte and trying to maintain management duties to keep the team afloat.

“We’ve had several changes take place for the Open squad that have led us to a bit of disorganization,” commented club manager, Shawn Lee. “Teddy and Duane are working hard to put together a solid roster so our young guns can compete. It’s unfortunate that Sunday led to a forfeit due to the fact that we couldn’t get enough committed players to show up. Managing a team is difficult and one would think that grown men pay their fees and show up to play but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Ask any manager of any team that plays adult sports. I’m confident in both Teddy and Duane so I’ll be working with them to get players on the field and we’ll be ready to compete come next game.”

The squad is expected to play against The Dark Horse on Tuesday night. You can click here for game details, to obtain driving directions, or to download the iScore Central app to watch and listen to the game live, online.