Dallas Spirits News

  • Oct

    Lightning Strikes in Form of Spirits (35+) Offense

    (October 7, 2018 – Grand Prairie, TX) Storms took over Sunday afternoon, shortening the contest between the Royals Baseball Club and the Spirits (35+) fall squad at Texas Air Hogs Stadium. The first signs of lightening came from Spirits bats as they used 11 hits to put up 10 runs as they coasted to victory,… Read More

  • Oct

    Late Rally Gives Spartans Walk-Off Win Over Spirits (18+)

    (October 7, 2018 – Dallas, TX) They were in control the entire game, but a fire ignited in the Spartans in the seventh and the Spirits (18+) squad saw there 2 to 0 lead turn into a 3 to 2 loss Sunday night at First Baptist Academy in NTABL Trinity Division fall baseball play. The… Read More

  • Oct

    Late Game Turd Leads to Tie Between Spirits (35+) and Knights

    (October 3, 2018 – Carrollton, TX) We’ve seen a few of them in the NFL this year and it now appears the sports term for the word, “turd” has reached the levels of amateur baseball in North Texas. The word, “turd” translates to tie in baseball and that’s just what the Spirits (35+) squad earned… Read More

  • Oct

    Solid Offensive Effort Pushes Spirits (18+) Past Braves

    (October 2, 2018 – Carrollton, TX) The names Sam Tanner and Colton Buckner are becoming household names for the Spirits (18+)¬†Fall squad as the two newcomers to the team combined for 5 hits and 4 RBIs to help power the Spirits over the Braves, 9 to 4 Tuesday night at McInnish Park in Carrollton. The… Read More

  • Oct

    Late Rally Lifts Spirits (35+) Over Young Guns

    (September 30, 2018 – Grand Prairie, TX) It may be flattering to pick up a victory over a young team, but the Spirits (35+) Fall squad felt like making it dramatic as well Sunday afternoon at Texas Air Hogs Stadium in Grand Prairie. The Spirits used a 3-run fifth inning to rally from a 3… Read More

  • Sep

    Bad Second Inning Dishes Spirits (18+) Loss Against Pirates

    (September 25, 2018 – Carrollton, TX) The rain seemed to disappear and Mother Nature appeared to deliver a perfect night of baseball at McInnish Park in Carrollton on Tuesday night. Under the Harvest Moon, the Spirits (18+) appeared poised with a solid lineup and ready to take on the Pirates at a field nicknamed, “Mt…. Read More

  • Sep

    Coyotes Wave the White Flag After Spirits (35+) Drops a Bakers Dozen

    (September 19, 2018 – Carrollton, TX) The offense started a little slow but after four innings of play, the dust settled and the newcomer Coyotes squad threw in the towel despite the league not having a mercy rule. Coyotes manager, Kevin Ortiz simply indicated he was out of pitching and after an hour and fifteen… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits (18+) Pick Up First Fall Victory Over Dark Horse

    (September, 18, 2018 – Carrollton, TX) There’s a handful of new faces and there’s a few new squads to exchange blows with as the Spirits (18+) regroups for a shortened NTABL Trinity Division Fall season. The squad struggled during the opening weekend to field a team and subsequently had to hand over a forfeiture to… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits (35+) Double-Up Royals in NTABL Fall Opener

    (September 16, 2018 – Grand Prairie, TX) It was a solid afternoon for baseball and the Spirits (35+) Fall baseball squad lined up with a few new faces and got back to business. The setting for the first NTABL Brazos Division game took place at the friendly confines of Texas Air Hogs Stadium in Grand… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits (18+)_Drops NTABL Fall Opener with Forfeit

    (September 16, 2018 – Plano, TX) The Spirits (18+) Trinity Division squad got off to a rough start on Sunday afternoon after the squad failed to field a team in its scheduled game versus the Dallas Dodgers. The team has undergone several changes in staff and players and currently players, Teddy Croft and Duane Aponte… Read More