Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee has served as the Club Manager for the Dallas Spirits Baseball Club since 2013 and is now the President/Director of Operations for Dallas Spirits Baseball Club, Inc. The club is an IRS recognized, 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization looking to serve those playing adult baseball and lifelong activity while also seeking opportunities to assist children and other local charities that fall in line with the club’s philosophy.

Alongside the titles and responsibilities of running the organization, Shawn is also manages the Spirits (40+), Spirits (42+), Spirits (50+), and Spirits Fall Ball squads. He also serves as an official and Board member the NTABL, volunteering as President, Schedule Master, and Director of Social Media.

Lee provides a great deal of leadership and organization to the individual teams and to the ball club as a whole. His responsibilities include uniforms, hats, artwork and design, website design and management, sponsorship and fundraising, budget and finances, team functions, as well as several other administrative duties. Those responsibilities carry over to the Veterans (35+) and Fall Ball (Trinity) squads as Lee maintains rosters, lineups, and general management and coaching duties that you can expect from a coaching position, including strategy and game situations.

With a background in Physical Education and Health, Shawn spent a number of years managing softball clubs in his former state of Wisconsin. He was also very successful on the basketball court, serving as a Team Captain for the Cougars of MSTC in his 3 seasons of junior college basketball. He continued down the path of basketball as an Assistant Coach at the University of Stevens Point – Wisconsin, where he assisted the Pointer Women’s Basketball team and Head Coach, Shirley Egner to some of the program’s most successful years. The stint included several Conference Championships, 2 Final Four appearances, and a National Championship in 2001-02 seasons when the team accomplished a 30-3 record and its first National Title.

A natural leader, you can expect an old school methodology and approach to the game from Shawn. He appreciates the leadership role and giving back to his players, teammates, and friends. The team has a “family first” philosophy, and collectively the focus remains on people as well as winning. That success built it’s way to a 2016 Fall (Brazos) League Championship, followed by winning 3 out of 5 possible NTABL Championships in 2017. Those titles include the 2017 Veterans (35+) League, 2017 Open American (18+) League (Team Manager, John Showalter), and 2017 Fall (Brazos) League. The Spirits most recent titles include the 2018 NTABL Masters (45+) League (Co-Manager, Kirk Sipila), the 2019 NTABL Fall Ball Brazos League, and the 2021 NTABL Masters (45+) League Champions.

Lee currently resides in Coppell, Texas with his girlfriend, Angie, and two kids, Grayson and Jessie. He serves as a Student Systems Analyst in the Department of Technology for an Independent School District in Fort Worth, Texas and is also a professional DJ and business owner. To contact Coach Lee, please click here to send an email.

Position Club President, Team Manager
Seasons 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024