Steven Baker

The 2017 Dallas Spirits Open (18+) team welcomes Steven Baker in his first season with the ball club. Baker is typically found at second base defensively, but can play just about any position. His experience includes league play until the end of his Freshman year in high school where he then chose to pursue other interests.

He played some rec league softball in college to scratch the itch of game play before finding DFW-ABA baseball and finally, the NTABL. Steven was born in South Korea, and was later adopted by a loving American family. He has twin sisters back home and he’s currently engaged to his girlfriend of three years.

He has spent most of his life growing up in Arlington, Texas and by his own mention, eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball…everything from playing to thinking about what to do in certain situations. On the side, you’ll find Steven working as a freelance photographer when the opportunity presents itself.

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Season 2017