Brant Finchum

Brant Finchum returns to the Spirits in his fourth season and continues as one of the most experienced team members of the ball club. Finchum brings a top level game each and every time he takes the field. A solid athlete, he can be relied upon literally at any position. He’s played C, P, 3B, SS, 2B, and each position in the outfield in the past four seasons with the club. He doesn’t just play a position, he gives it 100% each time he takes the field. You can primarily find him in the infield or as one of the Spirits’ solid pitchers, and with a reliable bat that’s typically in the top of the lineup, Finchum is one of the best. A two-time All-Star in the past three seasons, and a team favorite with personality, Finchum brings both game and personality in every aspect, every day, both on and off the field.

Finchum’s experience began at age 7 and he continued to play through high school. He was born and raised in Mishawaka, Indiana, just 10 minutes from Notre Dame and you can rest assured he’s an Irish fan. Brantner made the move to Texas after graduation and met a beautiful Southern belle named Theresa and married in 1988. Brant started playing softball in Texas to manage his crave for competitive action as well as to seek camaraderie due to the fact he didn’t know anyone. He played softball for 30 years while raising his kids as well as coaching them in sports. When his son Matthew stopped playing baseball for the game of soccer in 2010, he found the NTABL and started playing baseball himself, and the team is happy he did. He’s currently in his seventh year of play and for six of those seven years he’s played baseball, he’s been the oldest player his teams. He loves trying to keep up and does more than that whenever he steps on the field.

Brant won the team batting title for the 2016 Spirits (45+) squad, hitting with a ridiculous .515 batting average. His honors didn’t stop there. Finchum was also voted Big Spirit, an honored title for a Spirits team member who goes above and beyond both on and off the field. To add an exclamation point to his 2016 dossier, Finchum was also voted as the 2016 Spirits (45+) Most Valuable Player (MVP). The team is proud of his accomplishments and looks forward to what he has to offer in 2017.

Finchum is a die hard Chicago White Sox and Notre Dame fan. He and his wife live in Carrollton, TX along with their three boys, Zacharay, Jase, and Matthew. The couple just celebrated 28 years of marriage.

Nickname: “Finch,” “Old Man”

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Position IF/OF/C/P
Season 2017