Todd Murrah

Todd Murrah joins up with the Spirits (50+) squad in 2023, looking to add depth at the catcher position and additional veteran experience playing baseball. Todd will also offer the Spirits another advantage on offense, given them an option from the left side of the plate.

Murrah played third base, catch, and pitcher for the Fighting Stingarees (they thought it was the plural of Stingrays) at Victoria High School in South Texas. His college experience features playing at Texas A&M in College Station. Todd indicated he had plenty of fun in college and that he spent some time playing second base in intramurals. He notes his experience of college level baseball included watching it a lot, and also having the opportunity to catch for his son in a college alumni ame in early 2023.

Todd has played with the Caddo Reds in NTABL leagues over several years, and has also spent time playing with he Fort Myers Brewers in multiple Florida tournaments.

Murrah hails from ¬†South Texas, growing up in Houston, where he attended high school in Victoria, Texas.¬† He’s lived in the DFW area for 25+ years where he lives with his wife, Julie (married 28 years), daughter Madison (25). Todd lives and works in theatre in Austin, and his son Tyler (23) played college baseball for Pepperdine and now lives and works in the music industry in Los Angeles.

Nicknames: “TBD”

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