Stacy Scott

Stacy Scott joins the Dallas Spirits (40+) in his first season with the ball club. Scott has played every position on the field, but has narrowed his skill set to the infield and pitcher’s mound in recent seasons. Scott brings a solid work ethic and set of skills to the Spirits infield and will serve as a sub providing both infield and pitching on defense, alongside a great bat from the left side of the plate on offense. Scott will also join the team in the MSBL Las Vegas Kickoff Classic in 2019.

Scott played all through high school on the varsity team, mostly at the positions of 2B, SS, C and as a pitcher. During the summer, you could find him on the American Legion squad where he spent most of his time pitching, catching and playing the SS position.

Scott began playing adult baseball in Spring 1992, spending his first year in the Dallas MSBL, which allowed players under 30 years old to play.  He was on one of the two under 30 teams that joined the league that particular year.  Fast forward to today and you’re looking at 27 years playing in adult baseball leagues. Stacy spent some time in Sweden for work and practiced with the Swedish National Baseball Team in the early 90s. He also played in the Plano baseball league and in his current full time residency, he’s the longest tenured Knights team member in NTABL play. All of the original Knights players have since retired from baseball. Scott has also coached teams in the MSBL and was once the head coach for the Knights as well.

Stacy started playing baseball at the age of 7, one year earlier than allowed in his hometown, but because the team needed an extra player he was able to join and he started at 1B. His performance was solid as a youngster and his success led him to the All-Star team roster where he played CF in the game with a broken finger on his glove hand. He has no military experience, but Scott was born on a military base during the Vietnam War.  His father was the Army base baseball coach and possessed solid skills of his own, making a life in baseball somewhat of a household experience. If you ask him, Stacy will let you know that he grew up with a baseball in his hand.

Scott has three adult children (two daughters and a son) and the beautiful love of his life is Jennifer Ross. He was born in Texas and he grew up on Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas, so he can state that he’s a “Hillbilly.” He has spent most of his life in DFW outside of the few years he lived in Sweden.

Nickname: “Hillbilly”

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Position SS/P/IF
Season 2019