John Holmquist

As the two-time “Big Spirit” award winner with the Dallas Spirits, John Holmquist is the “glue” that many teams speak of when it comes to camaraderie and team support. John brings not only a great attitude to the dugout and on the field each game, but also a solid arm on the mound. John was a 2015 and 2016 All-Star as a pitcher and provided solid pitching to the team all season. Holmquist led the team in wins last season along with a 2.06 ERA and nearly 60% strikes vs. balls ratio. John also spends time at 1B as well as OF and can be relied upon when asked for just about anything. The team continues to benefit from his incredible attitude and solid work ethic.

John’s high school experience includes Flint Central JV in MI as a pitcher where he developed his split-finger pitch. He’ll start you off with an initial conversation about his .500 batting average in high school, however the conversation will turn after he explains he only had two at-bats. His only professional experience stems form MLB “The Show” 2016 on his PlayStation 4 game console.

A Gemini with a June birthday, Holmquist brings a 6’6″ stature to the mound with great control and decisions on his pitches. A Flint, MI native, John is the father of 2 sons (20, 16), and a daughter (18). John is currently engaged to his “Energizer Bunny,” Aimee and sports the number, 27 on his jersey. He chose the number for a variety of reasons, however in 2012 it had been 27 years since he last played before joining the NTABL. Pitchers ironically, also need 27 straight outs for a perfect game. One of his sons, Alex was also born on February 27 and that is also his favorite number, thus John’s jersey has great symbolism as he wears it proudly and represents his team well.

Nickname: “Quisp,” “Big John”

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Position P/1B/OF
Season 2017