Jason Bottenfield

Jason Bottenfield heads into his sixth season with the Dallas Spirits. An annual All-Star, Jason made his start at the University of San Antonio-Pan AM and then a segue into the big leagues after he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox, 22nd overall in 1999. Bottenfield spent several seasons in the Minors with both the Lowell Spinners and Augusta Green Jackets before injury ended his play in 2001. Bottenfield still possesses a large amount of talent serving as an infielder as well as continuing to pitch when needed.

Bottenfield made some noise as a runner-up to team MVP and falling just short of the regular season batting title, although finishing the season atop the chart after batting .489 including playoff games in 2016. You can expect his stats to be atop the leader board during any season he participates. He led the team in extra base hits, including a tie for the league title in home runs with 2. Jason scored 18 runs and knocked in an additional 21 (RBI). During his 2017 campaign, Jason hit .567 with 17 hits during 11 game appearances. A 2017 All-Star selection, Bottenfield also added 4 doubles and 11 RBIs. Bottenfield was limited in 2019 due to a new business and a new marriage to his wife, Brandi, but the Spirits look forward to Jason returning to the field in 2020.

As part of the title defense during 2018, Jason finished was voted to the NTABL Veterans All-Star game for the fourth straight season and finished with a 4-1 pitching record. He threw just under 30 innings for the Spirits and led the team with 27 strikeouts. His ball to strike ratio was above 60% and he averaged 3 strikeouts versus walks. Whether he’s a starter or a closer, the team relies on Jason’s experience to get out of jams and to close down opposing offenses. Jason was unavailable most of the 2020 season, but made an appearance in the Spirits (40+) playoffs where he was effective but ran into a defense that had difficulty supporting him in his only outing. He went 6 innings while striking out 7 opposing hitters but the Spirits eventually lost the game. The club looks forward to Jason returning to assist both the Spirits (40+) and (45+) squads in 2021.

Jason’s leadership and character are vital assets for the Spirits (35+) and the team reaps the benefits from his on-field actions and his experience. He’s capable of any position on the field, including a solid arm with some extra heat behind his throws. He’ll continue to be an offensive asset as he’s both an effective and powerful hitter.

Bottenfield also serves as a Board Member for the North Texas Amateur Baseball League (NTABL) and is the acting Vice President of the 18+ Open National League. The team looks forward to his continued leadership as well as learning from Jason’s experience, great attitude, and leadership ability. The Flower Mound, TX native married his fiance, Brandi in 2018 and the two currently reside with their Goldendoole in Dallas, TX and are expecting their first child together. Jason is employed as a Certified Financial Planner with Steward Partners.

Nickname: “Bott”

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Position 2B/P/IF
Season 2021