Eric McPherson

Eric McPherson returns in his third season with the Dallas Spirits Baseball Club. A veteran and old school ball player, Eric has been treading the base paths around the Dallas area for many years. McPherson is one of the Club’s best hitters and defensive players as well. Typically starting at the SS position, Eric packs a great glove along side a great arm. He’s even more lethal behind the plate as the team’s best catcher. Eric’s known for his high velocity throws back to the pitcher, and it’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t gun down a base runner trying to take second. Whenever in a pinch, McPherson is also a great go-to pitcher, whether it be starting or relief pitching.

Eric is always among the top in any statistical category with the team and has also been voted to the NTABL All-Star game on several occasions. He’s active in several leagues and continues to play at a top level with 18 year old players all the way up to ages 50 and above. His sense of humor is unmistakable and the team follows his on field actions as a veteran baseball player. McPherson brings that old school feel of baseball to the field and it’s obvious from his athletic ability and his physique that he’s one of the “tough guys.” McPherson resides in the Rockwall, TX area with his wife Brandy (aka Barbie), and enjoys rock music, fast cars, muscle cars, and some occasional Motley Crue.

Nickname: “McPherson,” “Erc”

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Position SS/C/P
Season 2016