Eric McPherson

Eric McPherson enters his eleventh season with the Dallas Spirits. During his tenure, Eric has made several NTABL All-Star appearances to Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, TX and he also finished a season as the Veterans (35+) team batting champion in 2016 campaign with an average of .511.

A veteran of the game and old school ball player, Eric has been treading the base paths around the Dallas area for many years. McPherson is one of the club’s best hitters and defensive players as well. McPherson has a natural ability to chase down the baseball defensively. He’s even more lethal at the plate when he’s facing the opposing team’s pitching.

In 2017, McPherson’s career nearly took a turn toward retirement following off-season rotator-cuff surgery. He returned to be an effective catcher with an arm solid enough to continue gunning down would-be base thieves, but follow-ups on his shoulder turned for the worst during the 2018 season. After a momentary decision to hang up the cleats, Eric returned for the remainder of the season and into 2019 as a hitter. His new focus led to outstanding results, moving him to the lead off spot. McPherson didn’t stop there. Starting in March of 2019, Eric began to throw with his left hand, re-teaching himself how to throw with his opposite hand. After nearly two years, he’s become a very effective left-handed throwing player.

McPherson was tied for the lead with 25 hits for the Spirits (35+) squad, while finishing third in runs scored with 17, second in RBIs with 12, and also tied with the team lead in bombs, hitting 2 HR during the 2017 campaign.  He was also tied for second with 7 BB and second on the team with 12 stolen bases. For the Vets (45+) squad, he was tied for second with 22 hits, fifth on the team with 12 runs scored, third with 15 RBI, and second in bases swiped with 9. Eric closed out his 2018 season with the Spirits (45+) with 17 hits, 3 doubles, and 2 triples, while finishing tied for third in runs scored with 21. He drew 7 walks, stole 8 bags and added 11 runs batted in as well. In 2019, Eric hit .358 for the Spirits (35+) squad, finishing with 19 hits including a double and a triple, alongside 8 walks (2nd on the team) and 10 stolen bases (2nd on the team). For the Spirits (40+) squad, McPherson finished second in hitting with a .478 average including 22 hits (2 doubles, 2 triples), a team-leading 14 free trips to first, 10 RBIs and a team-leading 11 stolen bases. Eric started off 2020 with a .308 average in the MSBL Las Vegas that included a pair of doubles, an RBI, 3 walks and 3 stolen bases. In 2020, McPherson was fifth on the team in hitting with a .321 batting average, finishing second on the team with 6 stolen bases for the Spirits (35+). For the Spirits (40+), McPherson finished fourth in average, batting .361 and again finishing second in stolen bags with 9.

In 2021, McPherson hit .446 for the Spirits (40+) squad, adding 3 doubles, while finishing third on the team with 16 runs batted in. McPherson was second on the team in walks with 10, and finished second with 11 stolen bases. For the Spirits (45+) squad, Eric hit for .357, finishing with 3 doubles, 4 runs batted in and 15 runs scored. In 2022, Eric hit .368 finishing with 14 hits that included 2 doubles, 9 runs scored, 6 RBIs, 5 walks, and 5 stolen bases for the (40+) squad. For the (45+) team, McPherson added an average of .463, finishing second on the team with 19 hits while adding 10 run scored, 5 RBIs, 6 walks, and 5 stolen bags. Eric added 12 hits to finish at .500 in 7 games for the Spirits (50+) squad, scoring 10 times, adding 7 runs batted in, while swiping another 6 bags. Finally, McPherson rounded out his great season of hitting by batting .258 for the Fall squad, finishing with 8 hits, 6 runs batted in, and second on the team with 7 stolen bases.

Outside his incredible work on the field, McPherson has gone next level after nearly retiring from the game he loves in 2021 due to a shoulder that was essentially destroyed, even after surgery. McPherson chose not to give up, fighting all odds past the age of 50 to teach himself how to throw with his opposite hand. Now a left-handed defensive player, McPherson is already throwing over 60 miles per hour, and with accuracy. A story that has reached the national level. To view the story, click here.

Eric is always among the top in any statistical category with the team and has also been voted to the NTABL All-Star game on several occasions. He’s active in several leagues and continues to play at a top level with 18 year old players all the way up to ages 50 and above. His sense of humor is unmistakable and the team follows his on field actions as a veteran baseball player. McPherson brings that old school feel of baseball to the field and it’s obvious from his athletic ability and his physique that he’s one of the “tough guys.” McPherson resides in the Rockwall, TX area with his wife Brandy (aka Barbie), and enjoys rock music, fast cars, muscle cars and some occasional Motley Crue.

Nickname: “McPherson,” “Erc,” “Lefty”

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