David Tipton

David Tipton makes his fourth season appearance with the Dallas Spirits. David was voted to the NTABL All-Star games for both the Spirits (35+) and Spirits (45+) squads during 2017 and his role in the teams’ success during the 2018 campaign was huge. He impacted the club immediately when joining in 2016, and his demeanor and attitude is celebrated both on and off of the field.

Tipton has found his spot at the top of the Spirits lineup where he can be relied upon as a solid lead off hitter, showing patience when needed and provided power at opportune times. Once aboard the base paths, the Spirits rely on David’s ability to run and take bases and extra bases as well. He finished the 2018 campaign with a batting average of .400, finishing with 14 hits, 2 doubles and a triple. David was tied for the team lead on the Spirits (45+) with 16 stolen bases.

Tipton is starting center-fielder for both teams and he can be relied upon to chase down any ball hit near him in the outfield. His arm is an asset, and his power is second to no one when it comes to his ability to sniper greedy base runners. David’s offensive statistics grew quite a bit during the 2017 campaign, but his camaraderie remains top-notch.

David currently resides in Selena, TX with girlfriend Cybil and his son, David, Jr.

Nickname: “Tip,” “Tipton,” 2 Much Sauce” “Broke-the-Girls,” “Cheese Knuckles”

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Position CF/OF/SS
Season 2019