Dana Donato

Dana Donato brings 4 seasons of experience as a high school Varsity starter to the Dallas Spirits Open (18+) team. He primarily plays at the catcher position, but can also serve as a pitcher and first basemen. Donato took his high school experience to the next level, spending a season with Indiana University as a walk-on.

He doesn’t have any professional baseball experience, but he indicates he’s “watched quite a few games.” Donato lives by the phrase, “work hard, play hard,” and is all about his team. He feels, “chemistry is the most important quality a team can have, and I’d rather lose with a team of great guys than win playing on a team with a bunch of (expletive).”

Dana doesn’t have any military experience, but indicates that his wife is from a military family and he has a great deal of respect for service members. He’s been married for two years and he and his wife are the proud parents of a 4 year old black Lab. He was born and grew up in Western New York and went to school in Indiana. Dana has resided in Dallas twice now, and also spent time living in Denver, Colorado.

Nickname: “Double-Ds”

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