Bobby Kornhauser

Bobby Kornhauser returns for his second season with the club after completing his first inaugural campaign in 2019.

Kornhauser saw limited action with the DFW (40+) squad, but was available and effective in 11 games played. Bobby finished the season with a .474 batting average finishing with 9 hits, 5 runs scored and a double and a triple under the extra base hits column. For the NTABL (35+) squad, Kornhauser played the role as sub, competing in 6 games. For the (40+) squad, Kornhauser was also a pitcher and despite facing insanely difficult umpires, he finished with a record of 1-1 in 4 games pitched and an ERA of 4.80. Bobby was third on the team with 11 strikeouts.

Bobby played all 4 years in high school and spent 2 and a half of those years on years playing on varsity. In college, Kornhauser spent one season with Mesa Junior College and later moved on to play one season at Los Medanos College. He’s played in the NABA, MSBL and NTABL for a combined 15 years.

Kornhauser aided the squad with solid hitting and great defensive play at first base, while adding some additional talent from the mound. Kornhauser hit .300 during the 2018 Fall campaign, including a double and a triple and he finished tied for second on the team with 5 runs batted in during the short Fall season.

He possesses good speed on the base paths for his size and as a pitcher he added 4 strikeouts in just 3 innings pitched during the Fall season. The Spirits will utilize Bobby’s ability to cover space defensively at first and he’ll also be an asset from the mound and from the plate with the power to go deep.

Bobby was born in Denver, raised in California and has lived in Texas since 2006. He’s employed as a Fire Protection Engineer and has worked for Unlimited Sprinkler Fire Protection for 9 years. He resides in Dallas along with his wife Kelli and together they have 4 children.

Nickname: “Korn”

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Position 1B/P
Season 2020