Dallas Spirits News

  • Oct

    Offense Found Guilty of Murder in Bulls Case

    (October 13, 2019 – Irving, TX)  The welcoming committee wasn’t in good spirits Sunday afternoon as the Dallas Bulls returned for a visit against the Dallas Spirits once again on Sunday afternoon. Fresh off of a 14 to 1 loss just a few days prior, the ghosts found them in a, ‘murder was the case… Read More

  • Oct

    Spirits Roll Past Bulls with 19-Hit Attack

    (October 9, 2019 – Carrollton, TX) It was ugly and in the defense of the Dallas Bulls, they struggled to get enough players on the field. The squad was forced to battle the offensive-heavy Spirits with just 8 players Wednesday night and the confusing start for the team and its lineup showed in the box… Read More

  • Oct

    Spirits Welcome Back Molldrem with Solid Victory

    (October 6, 2019 – Plano, TX) The big arm is back and the Spirits are happy to see the return of their competitive pitcher and slugger, Craig Molldrem. Molldrem returned to the lineup to start the short fall baseball season, but debuted on the mound for a pair of innings on Sunday night and picked… Read More

  • Oct

    ‘Spirits Inning’ Leads to First Fall Season Loss

    (October 2, 2019 – Carrollton, TX) The coach has joked about it, regardless of the dirty truth. The perpetual “Spirits inning,” that typically consists of a combination of fielding errors, poor decision-making and/or timely hits from the opposition. These innings typically haunt the Spirits, pun intended and proof of the supernatural once again reared its… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits Skip Past Reds to Move to 3-0

    (September 25, 2019 – Carrollton, TX) The good old Reds – Caddo Reds. Always a formidable opponent to the Spirits and after the two squads laced them up and took to the diamond on Wednesday night, it seemed the Spirits may escape with another big victory, but as always the Reds made a solid game… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits Roll Past Hurricanes for Second Fall Season Victory

    (September 22, 2019 – Irving, TX) The Spirits fall squad remained hot Sunday afternoon, putting up their second set of double figures to kick of the short NTABL Brazos League fall season. In game two, the squad took on the NTABL Veterans League Champion, DFW Hurricanes and it was all Spirits from the start. The… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits Provide Unfriendly Welcome to TX Knights in Fall Debut

    (September 18, 2019 – Carollton, TX) Disappointment over an underachieving summer season quickly left the minds of the Dallas Spirits as their fall baseball campaign in NTABL Brazos League play took off with an offensive bang Wednesday night at McInnish Park #11 in Carrollton. The Spirits used 14 hits and 7 TX Knights fielding errors… Read More

  • Sep

    Thunderbirds Put an End to Disappointing Spirits (35+) Season

    (September 16, 2019 – Carrollton, TX) It was a bumpy ride most of the way and the phrase “Spirits inning” maintained its theme in a game that showed hope, but then ended in disappointment Wednesday night. The Spirits (35+) squad was in control of the elimination game versus the Thunderbirds through four and half innings… Read More

  • Sep

    Spirits (35+) Drops Round 1 Playoff Game to Dodgers

    (September 5, 2019 – Mesquite, TX) Another long drive and another long night for the Spirits (35+) as the ghosts fell in their round one playoff game to the Dodgers on Thursday night. Despite grabbing a 3 to 2 lead in the second, the nagging and obvious repetitiveness of a big inning hit the Spirits… Read More

  • Aug

    Modoc Reminds Spirits (35+) of Who’s on Top This Season

    (August 22, 2019 – Dallas, TX) The Dallas Spirits sat and watched as another huge inning played out in front of them leading to a “wind-out-of-your-sails” type of loss. This time it was Modoc’s turn and a six-run third following a 2-run first made it yet another easy win for them as they coasted over… Read More