Dallas Spirits Baseball Club Preps for 2016 Season

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The Dallas Spirits Baseball Club is preparing for the 2016 season and players are excited about the new campaign. The club will feature two teams. One team will be competing in the 35+ age bracket, while a group of veterans will also be competing in the NTABL 45+ division as well. Team Manager Shawn Lee will continue to run the ball club as a whole including administration and operations. He’ll continue to manage the 35 squad while two-time Spirits MVP, Kirk Sipila steps up his role to manage the 45 squad.

“We’re excited about a few new faces and additions and this season is shaping out to be a good one,” mentioned Lee. “We’ve got some added pitching this season to compete in what will be an extremely competitive 35 division and with Sip running the show with our veterans, we’re certainly looking to make a run in the 45 division a well.”

The NTABL season is slated to start around the second week of April. The teams will feature a few new faces, new uniforms, and an updated website as well. Sponsorship continues from their friends at Waxahachie Autoplex, along with an awesome contribution from Hackney Consulting, LLC. The Spirits also received continued support from Renfield’s Corner in Uptown as well.

Stay tuned for details, player bios, game and schedule information, blogging and much more and as always, thank you for your support!

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