About the Spirits

The Dallas Spirits Baseball Club was established in 2012 after re-branding from the former Dallas Cubs within the North Texas Amateur Baseball League (NTABL). A number of team members regrouped alongside the recruiting of new players began, which began building of the foundation for Spirits baseball with pillars of winning, camaraderie, family, and fun.

The Ball Club consists of a range of talent including College, Minor League, and Major League Baseball experience plus a variety of players that have been around the game or have coached for a number of years. It’s the Club’s philosophy to compete at the highest level possible, but to also put people and family first. Most of our players are based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but there are a number of players who have migrated into the area including players from California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

If you’re interested in playing with the Dallas Spirits Baseball Club, you’re welcome to contact Club Manager, Shawn Lee at (715) 340-1008 to see if opportunities are available. Otherwise, please feel free to complete our Contact Form (coming soon).

Best of luck to all teams in the NTABL, and GO SPIRITS!